Literature Review of Remote Sensing Methods for Environmental Monitoring in Northland


·  Funder: Northland Regional Council

·  Project Leader: GNS Science, Frederika Mourot

·  Project partners: Indufor

·  Project duration: February-June 2021

🎽 Team

Includes experts in the field of satellite remote sensing, underlying application domains and resource management.

GNS Science, Wairakei, NZ

Frederika Mourot, Rogier Westerhoff,
Conny Tschritter and Maïwenn Herpe

Indufor, Auckland NZ

Andrew Holdaway
and Pete Watt

Project overview

The literature review undertaken as part of this project aims to capture state-of-the-art knowledge and applications (nationally / internationally) of RS techniques to detect temporal and spatial changes in environmental conditions, including the following domains:

  • Land (e.g. land-use change, agricultural drought, landslides, etc.)

  • Freshwater (e.g. flood extent, water quality, groundwater discharge, etc.)

  • Ocean (e.g. coastal water quality, sea level rise, etc.)

  • Climate and air (e.g. evapotranspiration, air pollution, etc.).


The content of this page is aimed to be dynamic and updated as the RS technology and applications are progressing.




Ocean / Coastal

Climate / Air

Useful link:

EnviroSatTools is collaborative satellite data workspace for regional councils that includes a suite of methods and algorithms in Google Earth Engine and aims to identify and map land, soil, vegetation and inland water consistently across New Zealand’s regions.

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Update Date: Nov 23, 2021


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